Excerpts from a San Francisco & Boston based life of creativity, passion, and entrepreneurship.
by Ryan Allis



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Life Update

I’m drinking a cup of green tea in Noe Valley, San Francisco. The last 180 days have comprised the most significant six month period of my life to date.

The two most significant events in my recent life have been my mom’s diagnosis of a glioblastoma brain tumor in mid-November followed by the sale of iContact to Vocus in February. It’s been a roller coaster of deep meaning, intense challenge, and new experiences. I hope to write about all of them at greater length in the months ahead.

Recent days have been intense. In the last week I was very fortunately accepted into Harvard Business School for their MBA class of 2014, visited a refugee camp called Kakuma in northwestern Kenya near the South Sudan border with the UN Foundation, and moved to Noe Valley in San Francisco for at least the summer to start a new company.

I’ve loved going to UNC and living in Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. It was such an amazing and welcoming community to be a part of. And building iContact over the past nine years with so so many great people was truly the best and most meaningful experience of my life. Now the time has come for me to move to a bigger city. I will definitely be back to NC from time to time to hang out at Virante, launch the iContact Foundation Scholarship Program (coming in June!) and continue Board work with Nourish International, but for now my home is the West coast.

When I finished up work at iContact on March 21st, my plan was to be based in New York City for the summer and spend a lot of time in Nairobi, Accra, Lagos, and Cape Town looking at investment opportunities. By mid-April my plan for the summer entirely shifted as I got caught by the entrepreneurial bug again.

Here in San Francisco, I am in the beginning stages of working on a new software start-up that focuses on the intersection of artificial intelligence, relationship mapping, mobile technology, and beautiful design. The idea came to me April 14 during a lecture on neuroscience at the executive program I attended at Singularity University in Mountain View.

I really have no idea if this new venture is going to work or not, but we’re fully focused on seeing if we can get something amazing to market. It’s all in the execution and the team.

Come Work With Us in San Francisco

We are building a mobile software start-up in Noe Valley/Eureka Heights, San Francisco. We’re creating a mobile touch software application that combines left-brain data analytics with with right-brain visual creativity to connect humans more intelligently. The company’s mission is to organize human relationships visually for a mobile generation, making the world more open and connected. Our focus is using technology and building the company as a platform to make a huge positive impact in the world.

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