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UNHCR truck bringing the latest arrivals to their home site in Kakuma refugee camp in Northwestern Kenya. There are now 630,000 refugees in Kenya, with 530,000 in Dadaab camp near the Somali border and 95,000 refugees here in Kakuma. 1000 new refugees are coming per month into Kakuma, mostly from Somalia and South Sudan. I found that so many of these individuals are well-educated, brilliant and motivated. They are in many cases doctors, university students, professionals who have come to escape violence or persecution in their home country. Yet they are often stuck in these camps for years if not decades. 

Some of the kids of Kakuma refugee camp Kenya. May 11, 2012.

Pediatric malnutrition ward of the Kakuma Refugee Camp Hospital, Kakuma Kenya. This must be the cutest kid in the world!

Heading to Kakuma Refugee Camp

I am headed to the Kakuma Refugee camp in Northwestern Kenya with the United Nations Foundation and Nothing But Nets for the next 48 hours, as part of a malaria net distribution and observation trip. The team is here in Nairobi now. We will be headed to the airport to board a UN chartered plane shortly.

During briefings yesterday at the UNHCR and WFP we learned that there are 620,000 refugees in Kenya and approximately 95,000 in Kakuma. Of the 620,000 refugees, approximately 530,000 are Somalian, with most of the remainder being South Sudanese, Sudanese, and Ethiopian. 

I’m particularly interested in learning about why some of these camps have been around for a couple decades now and the underlying systemic causes for their ongoing existence.

It will no doubt be a challenging and very interesting 48 hours. I’ll report back on what I learn in 2-3 days. 


Hello from Nairobi

A brief hello from Nairobi, Kenya. I’m here on a United Nations Foundation trip to visit the Kakuma refugee camp in northern Kenya as well as find some additional investments for HumanityFund. 

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