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Hiring a Founding Technical Team in San Francisco

Ryan Allis and Anima Sarah LaVoy are actively (and immediately) seeking three exceptional founding technical team members (CTO/Chief Architect, Data/API Scientist, Sr PHP/Python Engineer) with mobile and/or big data experience to join our growing team in building a company for the long term.

The Company & Product

The company is a mobile software start-up in Noe Valley in San Francisco focused on the intersection of  artificial intelligence, relationship mapping, big data, and beautiful design. We’re creating a mobile touch software application that combines left-brain data analytics with with right-brain visual creativity to connect humans more intelligently. The company’s mission is to organize human relationships visually for a mobile generation, making the world more open and connected.  Our focus is using technology and a building a company as a platform to make a huge positive impact in the world.


The company is led by Ryan Allis. Ryan was the co-founder and CEO of iContact until February 2012 when it was acquired by Vocus (NASDAQ: VOCS) for $169m.  Anima Sarah LaVoy is our Chief People, Philosophy, and Product Officer (C3PO for the Star Wars fans out there).  Together with our small team, we’re working out of a house in Noe Valley/Eureka Heights in San Francisco this summer, and planning to get an office in the Mission in the Fall.


We are actively (and immediately) looking for three exceptional people to hire in SF to join us in this new venture. The ideal start-date would be around July 5th.  You must be passionate about making a difference in the world and authentically care about other people.  We can offer above market salaries, an early equity position, and a guaranteed amazing experience with super fun, passionate, and caring people.  While we’re open to individuals from multiple backgrounds, we’re primarily seeking applicants from Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Salesforce who want to get involved in an earlier-stage company in which they will have more daily impact and return potential.

  1. Technical Co-Founder / CTO / Architect - Looking for a founding CTO player/coach who has built and exited or taken public a start-up previously, or played a VP / C-level role in a company of 30-500 employees. Must be comfortable with mobile apps, social APIs, and big data architecture and able to manage but also structure, code, and build.

  2. Data/API Scientist – Need a LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter API guru that can set up incoming pipes of social and public data, build and document our API, and create algorithms to intelligently process and categorize petabytes of data. Familiarity with Hadoop, Redis, and similar technologies is paramount.

  3. Senior PHP/Python Engineer -  Experience with high volume scalability and security a plus.

To apply, please email ryan@stealthstarship.com with your CV and any information you’d like to include.

For Additional Information

Please see http://www.ryanallis.com/come-work-with-us-in-san-francisco/ and http://www.ryanallis.com/the-adventure-in-san-francisco/.

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